Surprise sustenance

Hello there,

So today when I was packing my lunch for work, I was pretty bummed about the fact that I did not have enough food in my fridge to make a proper meal. All I had were some leftover rosemary roasted carrots (hardly a side dish portion, I might add), and the nub end of a field cucumber. Nevertheless, I tossed it all in my lunch bag and went off to work, hoping that those two small items, in combination with my morning coffee and lots of water, would hold me over until dinner time. Then, within minutes of arriving at work, one of my lovely co-workers presented me with a gift – freshly picked tomatoes and basil from her community garden! Amazing! Fresh tomatoes straight off the non-commercial vine are one of my most favourite things to eat. And on a day when I was already so disappointed with my potential mid-day meal, this was a glorious gift indeed. The fact that she had thought about me while picking from her crop that morning made me feel so special and happy and grateful. What a nice thing that was that she did. The fact that she participates in a community garden is a pretty nice enough thing all on its own; but for her to share the (literal) fruits of her labour is just beautiful. She really made my day, and obviously my lunch, with that one kind offering of something that she had worked hard to cultivate. In addition, we both made the time to actually sit down and eat lunch together, sharing not only our matching tomato and basil salads, but also our time. The definition of sustenance involves elements of support, maintenance, and supplying the necessities of life, and through her good food and good conversation, that is exactly what my co-worker provided me with today.

Have a nice day,

the nicepaper


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