Mocking out of love

Hello there,

Throughout the course of my conversations today with my lovely fiance, he made several jokes about my new blog, such as “maybe you can report about this in the nicepaper”, and “that’s nicepaper news”. The back story to all of this is that today was a day full of random annoyances and negative encounters in my life. So, every time that I would relay an anecdote to my fiance, he would tease/challenge me into finding a way to make it “nicepaper worthy”. Now, to some that may sound like outright mocking, but that’s not the case at all! His quips were actually a demonstration of the fact that he has actively taken an interest in my new creative endeavour, and that he understands what I am trying to do with this whole thing. His gentle jokes were a way of acknowledging my efforts to focus on the positive as much as possible, and a way of showing me support in working towards that goal. Sometimes when partners share new interests, perspectives, or goals with each other, one person is closed to that exchange. Or one person just maintains a detached/neutral attitude towards it; something along the lines of “that’s nice, dear….have fun with that”, and doesn’t really go out of their way to be engaged in that area of their partner’s life. Not so with my magnificent man! He has made the effort to read my two lonely posts. I also know that he is the *only* person that has read them thus far. And I’m ok with that. It’s really nice to know that at least one person in the world cares about what I think. And that person is my fiance. What more could I ever ask for from a partner than to be listened to, and to have my thoughts, emotions, opinions, and individuality acknowledged and respected? The answer is: not much. His jokes were actually very encouraging, and really a clever and witty communication of love. He was letting me know that he’s interested in knowing about how I exist as an individual, and supporting my own personal growth. So my fiance mocking me out of love today was definitely very very nice, and it is certainly the most “nicepaper worthy” element of my day.

Have a nice day,

the nicepaper


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