Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to check in on my nice news for the day. Now, ordinarily I tend to avoid seeking out the daily news, because quite frankly, it just ends up making me feel very very sad. My personal philosophy has always been this: if it’s big/important enough news, I will hear about it one way or another. Therefore, I do not actively read newspapers, watch the news on tv, or search out news on the internet. I’m sure that many people will have many opinions about whether this is right or wrong. Regardless, this is what works for me. There are, obviously, certain events which do lead me to search out news coverage. However, when that does happen, I am reminded once again of how much news media involves fear mongering, and a biased focus on negativity. It is so easy to get caught up in all of that negative energy, and to start to see the world through a very hyperfocused negative filter. In addition, there are so many negative things that I personally see, hear, and experience every day. I think the same can be said for everybody in the world. Therefore, I decided to create my own little space where I could focus on nice things, and bring some balance into my own perspective, especially on those days when everything seems to be bringing me down. So, the aim of this blog is to post one nice thing each day. It might be something that I observed, something that I experienced, or something that I thought. It is not my goal to document all of the nice things that happened in the world on any given day. It is my goal to document one nice thing that happened in my own little world that day. Obviously, I will post about things that I personally find nice, but I would love it if you, my lovely readers, would make comments about the nice things that you have experienced that day. Then, together, we can create a collection of nice news from around the world, and provide a collective counterbalance to all of the negative news that we all encounter on a daily basis. I really look forward to sharing my nice news with you, and I look forward to reading your nice news too!

Have a nice day,

the nicepaper


What's your nice news for the day?

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