Hello again

Hello there, It’s been a while. A very long while. I have neglected and abandoned this nice little blog of mine for far too long. Allow me to explain as simply as I can: I moved to a new country. I got married. I traveled to several different countries. I got utterly caught up in […]

Video love

Hello there, I was having a pretty lousy day at work today, and then sometime in the late afternoon I received an email that changed my mood entirely. It was a video message from my future sister-in-law featuring my niece and nephew saying hello to me, and inviting me to come over and play. It […]

Unexpected effort

Hello there, Today I took my car for an oil change to a Volvo dealership, which I would ordinarily never go to since I do not own a Volvo. The reason I went though, is because they had run a deal on Groupon a couple of months ago, and I purchased it knowing that I […]

Server woes = freedom to go

Hello there, Today our server at work was down. Again. And it won’t be back up until Monday (I hope). This meant that no one was able to do any work other than meeting with clients (if they had any scheduled). So, our E.D. nicely encouraged everyone to reschedule clients as much as possible, and […]

A healthy delivery

Hello there, This morning I woke up, and upon checking my phone I noticed that there were a few email messages that I’d received over night. The first one that I took note of, and therefore opened, was from my friend in Spain, who I had not heard from in a few days, but who […]

Fresh for fall

Hello there, Today my favourite yoga supply shop (halfmoon) launched their revamped site,  unveiled the new fall fabrics, AND is having a 15% off sale! This is total sweetness, since I have been waiting for them to offer the bolsters in new fabric designs for a couple of months now. I can’t wait to complete my […]

Apartment elevator etiquette

Hello there, Today when I came home from work, I was starving and scattered and feeling quite pressed for time. I had a huge list of things to do, which started with having to walk into the basement of the building, fetch a grocery cart from there, bring it back to the garage, load up […]

Surprise sustenance

Hello there, So today when I was packing my lunch for work, I was pretty bummed about the fact that I did not have enough food in my fridge to make a proper meal. All I had were some leftover rosemary roasted carrots (hardly a side dish portion, I might add), and the nub end of […]

Mocking out of love

Hello there, Throughout the course of my conversations today with my lovely fiance, he made several jokes about my new blog, such as “maybe you can report about this in the nicepaper”, and “that’s nicepaper news”. The back story to all of this is that today was a day full of random annoyances and negative encounters in my life. […]