Unexpected effort

Hello there,

Today I took my car for an oil change to a Volvo dealership, which I would ordinarily never go to since I do not own a Volvo. The reason I went though, is because they had run a deal on Groupon a couple of months ago, and I purchased it knowing that I would eventually need another oil change, so why not get it at a nice discount? Well, am I ever glad that I did! Not only did I get the service I needed for half the normal price, but I also got to engage in the whole Volvo dealership experience. They had a really nice waiting area, complete with the usual seats, tv, reading material and coffee machine. They also had a nice row of cubicles with ipads that could be used, totally free of charge. Awesome. When my car was ready to be given back to me, I was pleased to see that they had washed it for me, which is something that my own dealership forgets to do half of the time even though it’s supposed to be part of the service package. And, on top of everything else, when I got into my car, I discovered a cute little note resting on the dashboard above my steering wheel that read “Thanks for letting us serve you. Have a nice day.” or something to that effect, and there was a big happy face on the inside with a Werther’s candy attached to it. Sweet! I was especially delighted by the whole note thing, because I’ve experienced some very sub-par service from retailers before when redeeming a Groupon deal. Which I’ve always thought is so counterproductive to the whole reason a business would run such a deal in the first place. The whole idea is to invite someone into your establishment to try out your product or service at a discounted rate in hopes of them liking it enough to return in the future (at full price), non? So when I receive obviously lackluster service/product from a company that I normally wouldn’t have tried in the first place, of course there is no motivation to return. But it happens. A lot. So I was really super jazzed that this particular Volvo dealership gave me the same level of service that I expect their regular paying customers receive. I would totally take my car there again in the future.

Have a nice day,

the nicepaper


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