A healthy delivery

Hello there,

This morning I woke up, and upon checking my phone I noticed that there were a few email messages that I’d received over night. The first one that I took note of, and therefore opened, was from my friend in Spain, who I had not heard from in a few days, but who was expected to deliver her second child sometime last week. And she did! The email said that everything had gone well, and that although there were some minor complications that have kept her and her new little guy in the hospital for the past few days, overall everything had gone well. Yay! So often we take for granted how amazing and miraculous the whole experience of a birth is. In a single moment a new life enters this world, and all the lives around it instantly change because of it. I am so happy for my friend, her husband, and their first son, who is now a big brother!

Have a nice day,

the nicepaper


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