Surprise sustenance – again!

Hello there,

Today when I arrived at work, I headed to the kitchen to stash my lunch bag in the fridge, and was greeted by a co-worker who had been away on vacation for the past few weeks. So, we said our hello/how are you/how have you been kind of stuff, and then she said “Hey! I have a little something for you if you want it…” and proceed to haul this big cloth tote full of veggies onto the counter. She explained that some friends had given her fresh veggies from their garden, and apparently if was far too much for her and her partner to eat before it would spoil. So, she had thoughtfully brought the extras to work, to be offered and divided between myself and another girl I work with who I previously posted about as having a community garden. This woman totally thought of both of us (probably because me and community garden girl are the only vegetarians at our office, and therefore tend to prepare very fresh food based meals at work as opposed to the plethora of microwave meals that get nuked all around us); and she provided each of us with a humongous (and I do mean absurdly large) eggplant, and two green peppers!

Have a nice day,

the nicepaper


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