Genuine music appreciation

Hello there,

Tonight I went to a local jazz festival with two girlfriends, and we watched a really great trio, which consisted of a pianist, upright bassist, and vocalist who could scat with wonderful ease. That in itself was really nice, however the nicest part about the whole thing was observing the crowd as they watched the trio. There were people sitting on the ground, in lawn chairs that they’d brought, and on whatever park bench they could snag. There was one man in particular who was sitting right up front, with only a towel between him and the concrete. This man looked to be in his late 70’s, perhaps early 80’s, and I suspect that he was there to enjoy the jazz movement right around the time that it was really getting started in North America. This man was just *so* precious! He was bopping his head along to the groove, and had this adorable big grin (mouth open, in fact), and was just so obviously enthralled and enjoying the whole experience. When the performance was over, he was the first one to push himself up into a standing position and he just clapped and smiled and clapped. His genuine enjoyment was infectious, and made me smile *almost* as much as he was smiling. Being able to witness someone who allowed themselves to be immersed in the music like that was such a treat.

Have a nice day,

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